Friday, April 1, 2011

Don't Be Fooled

What I'm about to speak of happened yesterday, otherwise, I don't think I'd believe it myself. I opened an email from one of my favorite bands The Swell Season to see this subject line:

"Pre-Sale Tickets: Glen Hansard Supporting Eddie Vedder Tour"

I could not believe my eyes! My two favorite men on the planet!!!
Together?!? On tour?!?!!!!! I dropped everything I was doing and couldn't concentrate until I had purchased a ticket. I texted my life-long friend and fellow avid Pearl Jam fan, Michelle, to see not if, but when, she was going. Sure enough, she had already bought tickets through the PJ fan club for the show in Santa Barbara. The Santa Barbara show, it is! I knew I could count on her. I followed suit and got my ticket!! I was in a fantastic mood the rest of the day and will be for the next three to four months, as I await for July 9th to arrive.
This is Eddie's new single for his solo album. It's perfect. The whole album is just him and a ukulele. I love that I've aged with Eddie Vedder. He's gone from alternative/grunge to this, and it just makes sense. WE make sense. If only he knew of me. ha.

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