Sunday, January 31, 2010

Night Owl = Me

It's nearly 1 am, and I'm still up. Story of my life. I have always been a night owl (right, mom?). Pretty much my whole life I feel like I'm always the last one to go to bed...when I was younger, living at home and also in my adult life. I don't know why, but I just like it. What I DON'T like is getting up in the morning before 9 am. It doesn't matter what time I go to bed, really. I don't think it matters--I still struggle with the am wake-up call. Ask anyone who's ever lived with me, and they'll tell you. The snooze button is my best friend and worst enemy.

I went with some friends to a karaoke birthday party tonight. It was a rented room all to ourselves and there was quite a turnout. I love a good karaoke night and don't experience them enough. I only knew a small handful of people there, but did not hesitate to get up and sing a few jams. My favorite part of karaoke, besides singing the songs, of course, is the awesome video images/music videos that play on the screen during the songs. During "Total Eclipse of the Heart" there were ducks on a pond and some boats and waterfalls flashing on the big screen TV. So random and so awesome. I need to find a karaoke bar to go to with some friends, because, while singing in a private room with familiar people is fun, singing in front of strangers who are most likely drunk and who will get up and sing, too, is SO FUN.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Long Live Holden Caulfield

On my ride home from my internship tonight a guy got on the subway with this book in his hand
It immediately caught my eye, because I own the same kind of copy, and I loved J.D. Salinger books in high school. There aren't many, but they are quality. I remembered reading The Catcher and the Rye and loved how raw and real the main character, Holden Caulfield, was. It's been a long, long while since I read any of the books. And just now, I was checking my email and had an email from the New York Times alert message service. J.D. Salinger passed away today, at age 91. It said the man lived in isolation for 50 years....didn't want the fame he received, I suppose. I wonder if the guy on the subway knew and was reading that book as a homage to the author on the day of his death. Or maybe it was coincidence. Either way, it was a nice little New York moment.

A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall

**WARNING** This post has a negative/complaining tone**

I'm not sure why that Bob Dylan tune just popped into my head when it came to today's title, except that a I feel like a hard rain is falling on me...again. Two weeks into school and I'm already feeling those familiar feelings of doubt, feelings of being overwhelmed and under qualified, feelings of fear that I made a wrong choice, feelings of __________ (fill in the blank with any negative emotion). The vacation is, indeed, over!

Back to life...back to reality. And I don't really like reality right now.

I'm especially over my internship. When I do see my client and get that hands-on experience, I feel like I'm a babysitter, and when I'm not babysitting, I sit around and do nothing. I've just got to tell myself, "only three more months!" Wow. Only three more months!! When I say it like that, it actually sounds short. I know it will go by quickly, so yeah. I should tell myself to shut up, get over it and move forward. I gotta make the most of what's been given to me, right?! Right!

I also should really start writing in a personal journal. It seriously opens up my thoughts and provides me therapy. I told that to my client today to encourage him to do the same. I guess I better get to it, lest I become (or remain) a hypocrite.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Blast from the Past

Disneyland has it right..."It's a small world after all."

Thanks to facebook, I recently reconnected with one of my brother's friends from high school. He actually was a friend to the whole family, rather than just my brother. That's why I remember him most, well, that and he drove a convertible. That fact was clear in my mind...the convertible part. I must've thought he was the coolest! Ha.

Anyway, I saw he was friends with one of my sisters on facebook and clicked on his name. Lo and behold, I saw that he is not only living in New York City, but he is also a social worker! Has been for years! I emailed him right away to let him know I am here in the city, earning my MSW. Needless to say, he couldn't believe it! We spoke on the phone just before Christmas and last Saturday met up to say hello.

I'm not sure when exactly we last saw each other, but this might have been what I looked like last time me and Peter saw each other...
And this is what he might have looked like then...
And look at us now! Boy, how time flies!It was really incredible to see a familiar face, being that I hadn't seen that face in a very long time...since I was a kid, really. But it brought my Vegas home to the forefront of my mind. I don't know what it is, but I really feel homesick these days. I don't know if I will fall in love with New York City or not, but I am trying to be grateful for and cherish this amazing opportunity and experience.

Disneyland wasn't the only one who got something right...home IS where the heart is, whoever said that.

Life is Swell

I went to Radio City Music Hall for the first time last night to see one of my all time favorite music groups, The Swell Season. This is the third time I've seen them, in a third state. First time was in California, second, in Utah, and lucky number three, New York.
Part of the Ladies' lounge (attached to the restrooms. the entire thing was HUGE).
The famous stage!The Swell Season!I had a really great seat...just not great enough to take the best photos. It was amazing to see them perform in such a place. The other two places were much more intimate, which is what I prefer for this type of show. But c'mon...Radio City Music Hall?! That's pretty great.

Frozen Beauty

My last free day before school began, I spent a good part of it in Central Park. See for yourself...

The iPhone Changed My Life

Yes, it's true. I succumbed to the world of iPhone users. My mom got one, so I HAD to get one. Just kidding. It's way more than because of that. Plus, it just made sense; I had and iPod AND a phone, so I combined them into one piece and it's compatible with my computer. But most importantly, I no longer have to go to the computer every time I need directions somewhere. No one can understand what this means to me. I have always been pretty bad at directions, even remembering them, once looked up. Having Google Maps at my fingertips at all times is like being a native New Yorker. I never get lost anymore!! It's FANTASTIC! And everything else is also instantly accessible. Need to know where to find a cheap, but decent place to eat? I can tell you with a few clicks of a button! Or rather, I can tell myself. Seriously, I could not have received a more useful, instantly life-changing gift for Christmas (well, except for Jesus being born).

p.s. This post was done on the genius machine mentioned above.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Ok, three out of five weeks in January. Not too shabby. Let's see if I can keep this up, writing every Sunday.

This past week was super unproductive. I did work at my internship MWF, so it wasn't a total lazy week. But on my days off I was L-A-Z-Y. I start school this Tuesday, so I was taking advantage while I still can. And how did I decide to spend a good part of my free time? I re-watched Season 5 of the television show LOST to prep for the next and final season that begins in a few weeks (Feb. 2nd at 8pm, to be exact). I don't know what to think about it all...the whole 'show ending' thing. This is the first and only show I have ever been really into watching from start to finish, and that's because it is so stinkin' good. It's like watching a never-ending, really well-made, well-acted, well-written, well-produced, action-packed, suspenseful, twist-turning, emotional movie. Except that now it IS about to end, and, frankly, I'm nervous. Mostly, I'm afraid that I'm going to be disappointed. So far, I have not been disappointed by the show, or at least not often. And now that it's ending, I don't know what they ("they" being the brains behind the show) can actually do to bring this long-lasting, amazing show to an end that will suit it. But I should have more faith in them, I guess. They've kept my attention for this long. I know that I sound crazy, talking about a TV show in such a way....but hey, it's fun. And I've seriously invested a lot of time and emotion into the characters on the show. There are so many layers to the back stories and lives of the people. And so much meaning in the writing of the show. Even the books that characters are shown reading have meaning and add to the plot in some way. So yes, I'm invested. Yes, I'm sad to see LOST come to an end this season. And yes, I'm afraid of being letdown, just because I've enjoyed it all this time. But whatever. In the end, it's just a TV show, and I just happen to own all the seasons on DVD. Re-watching it in the future will happen, most definitely. It's fun to get people to start watching LOST, as I've recently done with my new roommates. They just started Season 1, and I have watched a good part of it with them. What's great is that I still react to it and get sucked in, even though I know what happens. Now, THAT'S a sign of a good show. I'm not sure if that will change once I know THE END. I guess I'll find out!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

They Call Me a Straight 'A' Student :)

Boy, the pressure is on! Yes, the results are in...I GOT STRAIGHT As!!!! Ok, so one of them was an A-. Nobody's perfect. Ok, I'm being annoying. It's just that the last time I got straight As I was probably in 6th grade. B-average, baby. That was me all the way through high school and college. And now I've gone and shared too much.

I can't express enough, though, how happy this good news made me. And more importantly, it reassures that what I am doing here is right and good. But like I said, the pressure is on for next semester and the year after that. I really can't believe that in just a few months I will be done with my first year of grad school. Really, it's more like five months, but still...if they are anything like August through December, I have nothing to worry about.

Well, the time has arrived to post photos of my new dwellings!!! I'm all settled in and it feels good. I even got a desk and a chair, so I'm prepared for school when it starts in a week.

This is the view from my bedroom doorway.This is the view from the front door.The kitchen, as you can tell.And my and Jessica's room. That's my bed and the stuff underneath. The ladder to the right goes up to Jessica's bed.I heard someone say it's like we live in a playhouse. Lofts and fun ladders to climb. Its cozy and adorable and I love it.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

First New York Moment(s) of 2010

I gladly kissed 2009 goodbye. Not that it was was actually pretty good. I was accepted into grad school at NYU. I finished my life off in Salt Lake City nicely, in the summer time with lots of concert and movie going, and I got to see all my amazing friends one last time. Good times. I will always cherish my SLC days. I got to spend a month at home with my family before heading off to the big city on the east coast. And once here, I got to enjoy the city and play "tourist" before my life went full speed in my first semester. As stated previously, I was overwhelmed and super stressed and pretty emotional. There was a moment when I thought I may crumble. BUT! I finished out my semester...and with a bang, I might add! I'm pretty confident that I will get good grades, thanks to knowing my midterm grades were good and I made great effort to do well on my finals. I find out tomorrow what my grades are!

2010 started off with a bang! I had absolutely no plans, but one of my new roommates invited me to dinner with her and some friends, followed by the countdown to midnight in Central Park, supporting the midnight 5K runners. It's a yearly event, complete with fireworks!! Seriously, there was about 20 minutes of fireworks and we were standing right below them. I also had a celebrity sighting, though I would not have known it. My roomie noticed the girl standing next to us is one of the lead actors on the show Glee. I've been meaning to watch that show, since all my sisters and lots of other people have told me how great it is. I went ahead an snuck a picture of the celeb on my phone camera, having my sisters in mind. I knew they would appreciate it more than I, since I haven't watched the show, yet. I found a few recorded episodes of the show on my roommates DVR the next day, so I watched them. It was her, alright.

To close the New Year's night, I actually got sorta stranded in Manhattan. The train I needed to get out to Brooklyn was not coming, so me and this girl I had started talking to, while waiting for the train, decided to catch a cab together since we were headed in the same direction. We stopped three different cabs, but none of the drivers wanted to take us out to Brooklyn. I thought for sure I would be pulling an all-nighter in the city, just to get back to Brooklyn in time to turn around and move apartments later that morning. But then the girl I was with was like, "I know a guy" (very New Yorker of her, which she was). The guy she had happened to know was a legit yellow cab driver. So she called him up to ask him a huge favor. I thought it was a long shot. He had other people in his cab already, but checked with them to see if it was ok to pick us up, too. They were cool with it, since they were also headed to Brooklyn. So sure enough, this cabbie comes to get us at 4am on some random corner in downtown Manhattan. I get in a cab with four strangers (taxi driver included), and we headed to Brooklyn. The driver dropped his first passengers off, which was the complete opposite direction of where we needed to go, but we knew that was going to happen ahead of time. It was worth it just to not be stranded anymore. Two hours and 20 bucks later, I was home safe and sound. Three hours more, and I was up and moving to Manhattan. A long and exhausting start to the new year, but I would say quite a good New York moment.

I moved into an apartment with my friend Jessica. This apartment has basically been like a second home to me, so I feel right at home here. I stayed here when I came to visit a few times last year, and I also have crashed here several times on weekends since I've lived in NY. And besides that, I've just hung out here quite a bit. It really could not have worked out more perfectly. Jessica was pretty much the first friend Abby and I made when we moved to Salt Lake City back in 2006 and we get along great. I actually took Abby's spot in the apartment. If I couldn't live with both of them, I'm grateful I at least get to live with one of them.

(pictures of my new place to come!)