Friday, April 29, 2011

More Beauty, Please! Thank You!

Spring is the best season ever.

Above is the Todd family, aka my second family. I babysit their beautiful children and love spending time with them. We went to Brooklyn Botanical Gardens this morning and the weather was perfect.

Ava's going through a hat phase. She's cool like that.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Maker Made Beautiful Things

The last few days have been perfect weather. It's been on the warm and humid side more than I like, but still, I can't complain when I walk by this:

I snapped this one for my mama:

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood! This garden of tulips is right across the street from my apartment. Amazing.

This, I will miss.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Reason

A Long Island Easter Sunday

My sweet roommate Armineh invited me and another friend to her parents' house for Easter weekend. It was such a nice getaway! I felt like we were gone three days, when really, we were only there for 24 hours. We took the Long Island Railroad train last night and hung out, ate food, went to Target! I was so happy to be in a parking lot in Target!
I used to dislike shopping centers, 'cause that's all Las Vegas is made up of, but oh, how I miss them now! I purchased some hot tights to go with my new hot shoes! I splurged on these puppies but they were worth it! I want to wear these every day, and I just might (if it's not raining. It's been raining for days and days now).

Today was church, and it is on the second floor of a public library. It was so cool to walk in the entrance of this library, but then up the stairs to find church chairs, church carpet, church paintings on the walls, etc.! I love the church. It's even unified when it comes to trappings and things. And someone at church had this Las Vegas-themed tote bag! Nice.
The weather was so beautiful today, so after church we relaxed on a blanket in the yard. It was super bright outside, but I was in high heaven!We also took turns on the tree swing, but it made me nauseous (stupid sensitive stomach of mine). But at least I got a cute picture!Easter dinner followed, as well as a nap and dessert. Her family was so nice and fun and made me and Cindy feel so welcomed! I'm so glad I went and rejuvenated before my two weeks of chaos.

TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!! And I will be D-O-N-E!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

The Three Rs

Happy Earth Day!
There she is, Mother Earth. It's crazy when you really think about it, that we live on this round, floating ball of water and land. We just exist in the middle of the universe. No big whoop. Right?


It is a big deal. And most things having to do with the earth is out of our control. We can't change the weather (I wish!), or the way the seasons change, or the color of the sky or flowers, etc. But one thing that we can control is how much we waste of what we consume. I am a major believer in recycling, just cause it makes so much sense. And it's really easy to do. You just put the container in one trash can instead of the other! That's it! I remember when the city of Las Vegas instituted a recycling program and distributed three color-coded containers for people to use. And my family participated in that program for awhile. I remember the red, blue, and white baskets we'd put out with the trash- one for paper, one for plastic, and one for aluminum and glass. I thought it was great! Well, my family stopped recycling a LONG TIME AGO, and I have given my parents a hard time about it in the recent past. I've tried several times to convince them that they should start to recycle again, but they just don't do it! I think it was when I lived in Salt Lake City that I began notice recycling again, because they had designated trash cans which made it easy, especially since everything went into one trash can! You didn't even have to separate paper from plastic or anything! They just didn't let you put glass in there, 'cause when they dumped it in the trucks, it would probably shatter everywhere.

When I moved to New York City, recycling got even better! This city is all about recycling, because, well...there are tons and tons of people who consume tons and tons of things every day. And this city is often looked at by others, so, the city took it a step further and will fine you if they catch you not recycling! Amazing. I know, I'm a nerd. But really, I do love when I notice a product I bought was made with recycled goods. I bought a tote bag made of recycled plastic bottles, for goodness sake! That is great. So yeah, I'm into recycling. I'm a believer.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Well, Duh.

I love when I read articles like this one and it falls right in line what I've always believed as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It's like, well, duh! Of course a person will live longer if they are "prudent and persistent" in life! And I must say, if any one group of people are the definition of conscientiousness, it's the Mormons. Am I right!? Yes, yes, I am. We're all about the facts this New York Times article and the book its promoting are stating. It just took them years and years of study and research to figure it out. Working hard, eating healthy, abstaining from smoking and drinking, being organized, etc, etc. It's not rocket science, guys; it's truth. It's divine.


I just have to remain patient and understand that the world still has a lot of catching up to do. Also, this reminds me of how blessed I am in my life, and also how I am responsible to help people know what I know.

"For of him unto whom much is given, much is required..." Doctrine and Covenants 82:3

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Snapshot

This is what my life looks like and will look like for the next two weeks:

One final paper down!! Two more to go!!!!! The end is near!!!! Agggh!

On a different note, a man was wearing this yesterday on the subway:

I wanted to tell him how awesome that was, but I chickened out. Oh, how I will miss the random and awesome things riding on public transit provides.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Baby, Baby!

The Amy Grant song of the same title just came to mind when I typed that above. And I wrote the title above because another beautiful baby has entered the world within my circle of loved ones. Behold, Genevieve Elizabeth Ann Rose Smith!

(This is a photo from a computer screen. That as good as I can do this far away from my home. Sad.)

But isn't she BEAUTIFUL!!?? look at those cheeeeks! Oh. My. Goodness! I can hardly stand being away from all these babies I love. I know I'll be joining them soon, though, so it's bearable.

The Amy Grant song reference is actually really fitting, here, because the baby above belongs to my childhood bestest friend ever, Meleah, and our friendship began back when I was listening to (and quite frankly, a little obsessed with) Amy Grant songs.

Seriously. Meleah and I have been friends our whole lives. It's incredible to be friends with someone (that isn't a family member) through every single phase and transition and step throughout life. And we didn't even go to the same high school or college! That's how impressive it all really is. Not to mention, I've missed every major milestone in her adult life, thus far, due to pursuing my various paths of life. No, I'm not a bad friend. I just lived life and so did she. She could've given up on me a long time ago with me and my wandering ways. But she didn't. Instead, she has always kept in contact and made me feel loved and needed wherever I've gone, and has supported me in every crazy detour and path I've taken in life.

(Distant me taking a picture of close us).

And now she has a baby girl for me to love! Maybe she'll marry one of my nephews!

I can't wait to meet and hold and kiss all of them!

Friday, April 15, 2011

I Don't...

- like to wear high heels
(I'm tall enough and they hurt my feet)
- wear lipstick
(chapstick is my best friend)
- do my hair, really
(that's why God made it curly)
- wear earrings
(a ring and a watch is all I sport)
- flirt
(at least, I don't really know how to)
- like manicures
(pedicures are good)
- like to dress up
(Sunday is the only time I wear dresses/skirts)
- choose to go dancing
(when given the opportunity)

...and I really never have. What kind of woman am I?!

I've thought about this off and on throughout my life. I've never been a "girly" girl, and neither have any of my sisters, when I really think about it. I come from a family of SIX girls and one boy,
and none of us girls are very girly. Some may wear heels and lipstick more than others. But I think we're all just right. A little bit of girly and a little bit of, "I could care less". haha. Maybe I should only speak for myself, but too late. I've already spoken for them, too. I'm so excited to spend more time with them real soon. I love my family!!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Me? Anxious?? Noooo.

I'm just a good planner. I have this fear of being overwhelmed at the end of things, so I sometimes jump the gun on planning...well, in some aspects of my life, not all (like school work).

I ordered flat-rate boxes for my books and DVDs and picked up a few empty boxes for packing from my internship, all in preparation for my big move across the country in just a month and a half. Six-ish weeks. Holy cow, that's it. It never ceases to amaze me, how time flies. This is why I try and plan ahead.

And this is what tonight looks like:

There's nothing like living in a high rise. I'll miss some things about it, like this pretty view. April is a rainy, rainy month. Rain is much less fun when it happens all too often and you're exposed to it 80% of the time. But it's also what is responsible for the pretty green trees and flowers that are about to blossom in a few weeks (fingers crossed).

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Weekend

Okay, I think actual Spring may be just around the corner:

Yellow blossoms are a promising sign. This, however,

is not. Above is me last Friday. It was freezing cold. I was not a happy camper and I sent it to Megan as proof. Tomorrow it says it going to be 80!! Is there no sense in the weather pattern, ever??

Also, is there no sense to women's fashion or more importantly, women's health??!
Three words: Out. Of. Control. Steve Madden, you should be ashamed of yourself.

I babysat a new family on Saturday and this was my favorite moment of the day:
Quietly watching The Backyardigans in complete construction worker attire (especially the one with his shirt off). Don't worry, I took them out for ice cream and to the playroom in the basement of their apartment prior to this. I'm not THAT kind of babysitter.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Signs of the Times

I love Wednesdays. They have become my mid-week break days, as I don't have anything schedule that day until 4:55 pm (i.e. my one class that day and by far the easier one of my last semester). We basically just sit and talk about our experiences in our classes, our internships, and our futures as social workers. I don't want to say it's a total waste of time, 'cause I do enjoy it, but really, it's a little bit of a waste of time. I don't feel challenged or that I'm learning anything new. But it is called Integrative Practice Seminar, so, yeah. I guess that's what we do in there.

Anyway, on to more impressive matters. I took advantage of my day to relax by watching movies. I happened upon a Redbox movie kiosk the other day and decided to rent one or two. Or three. Ok, I got a little crazy. But they're only $1! So, why not?! Plus, I'm hitting a major "I don't want to do anything that requires brain power anymore" wall these days.

I watched one on my iPhone while traveling to and from my old internship in Brooklyn to pick up a reimbursement check.I watch the second one when I got back from Brooklyn while I ate lunch and relaxed.

I watched the third one (I know! Ridiculous.) when I got home after school and Institute.

I watched three movies in one day. THREE. Haha. The last time that almost happened was when my friends and I back in high school attempted to watch the Star Wars Trilogy (we never made it past Empire Strikes Back). So, I know how crazy this is, especially since I managed to run errands, attend classes at NYU and Institute, and get to bed at my usual hour of around 1 am, AND watch three movies everywhere in between. So I'm not lazy or irresponsible--just a miracle worker.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

For a Positive, a Negative

The last post was positive, so here goes some complaining. I am so DONE with being cold! While the weather is warming up these days, it is way too gradual. I counted today at how many cold months there are in this neck of the woods and the number is six. SIX!!!!! That is half the entire year. Uggggh. Unbelievable. I mean, I already knew the answer to that question. I did experience the same thing with winters in Utah. I should be grateful we don't have snow still falling like they did in Utah recently. Sick.

I can definitely tell that I am ready for a change soon and a change that I did not desire for many years...HEAT! When I compare the weather here and the weather in Las Vegas on a daily basis, I begin to lose my mind a little.
Above: That was actually an unusually good week!

And a weird week for LV, too.

Okay, so I don't really need 90-degree weather in April, either. But Vegas is only really, REALLY hot for three full months in the summer. The rest is bearable and a lot of it even enjoyable. But handling six months of cold, cold, and more and more cold, involving tons of snow and even more rain, I think I'll take the trade off. I'm ready.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Have Learned For Myself

It's such a comfort in my life to know I don't rely on anyone else to tell me what is truth or not. I am educated by others, of course, but verifying whether or not what I'm taught is truth is left for me to discover. And I can discover it on my own, with the exception of God's help. So I guess I can't say I'm completely on my own. Thank goodness. And my parents taught me well. I cannot forgot to include them regarding the stable ground I now stand on.

My favorite thing to tell people I met as a missionary was that they could find out for themselves the truth. That's the power of our divinity as children of God. We can go to Him and ask.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Don't Be Fooled

What I'm about to speak of happened yesterday, otherwise, I don't think I'd believe it myself. I opened an email from one of my favorite bands The Swell Season to see this subject line:

"Pre-Sale Tickets: Glen Hansard Supporting Eddie Vedder Tour"

I could not believe my eyes! My two favorite men on the planet!!!
Together?!? On tour?!?!!!!! I dropped everything I was doing and couldn't concentrate until I had purchased a ticket. I texted my life-long friend and fellow avid Pearl Jam fan, Michelle, to see not if, but when, she was going. Sure enough, she had already bought tickets through the PJ fan club for the show in Santa Barbara. The Santa Barbara show, it is! I knew I could count on her. I followed suit and got my ticket!! I was in a fantastic mood the rest of the day and will be for the next three to four months, as I await for July 9th to arrive.
This is Eddie's new single for his solo album. It's perfect. The whole album is just him and a ukulele. I love that I've aged with Eddie Vedder. He's gone from alternative/grunge to this, and it just makes sense. WE make sense. If only he knew of me. ha.