Monday, November 29, 2010

Vegas, Baby!

I'm waiting to board a plan bound for NYC. As usual, Vegas was good to me.

My second night here, I went out to get crazy with the ladies

We loitered in the casino and took a ton of ridiculous pictures of ourselves afterward. Those are to come, as they are on my digital camera.

At Thanksgiving, my bro-in-law who's in the Navy, but is now sporting camos instead of a sailor uniform, showed off his stuff to the little kids.

I wanted in on the action..

Don't I look tough?!! Or more like a nerd. I coaxed him into making one of my family members pass out using a sort
of choke hold move. Haha. It was crazy, but totally safe--he's a professional!

Also, during my stay I came upon some old skool Apple gems

My dad's first iPod! This thing is gigantic.

And my friend's old MacBook

Oh, how times have changed! If you ask me, I'd say Apple is a bunch of overachievers.

And I got to drive and saw mountains. Ah, wide open spaces!!

I didn't take many photos of people. I need to work on that. I spent time with my family and my besties. I saw my grandpa and had a nice visit with him. He gave a prayer before we left and it was so profound and sweet. I love him.

I'll be back for more in two weeks!! Hooray for home and holidays!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

All Things New York

Okay, maybe not ALL things, but here's some things I've been capturing lately that scream "NYC".

First,Fall colors from my bedroom window!

Second,Here, pizza gets delivered on bikes. For real.

Christmas Spectacular!!! Starring, the one and onlyWhat did they do before LCD screens and computers? Seriously??

The showed ended with a LIVE Nativity! There were real camels and sheep on stage! Also, kudos to you, Rockettes Christmas Spectacular, for not changing your show to be "P.C.", ("politically correct"). There was Merry Christmas and Christian goodness all over the place. LOVED it.

Natasha and I also loved ourselves in the awesome Ladies' Lounge, which I'm pretty sure used to be a smoking lounge back in the day.
This room makes me want to be a flapper girl who smokes long cigs.
Saw these ladies afterward. Really, it's not that cold, yet, guys. Really.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It Was Worth It

I meant to post about this a lot sooner, but alas, time keeps slipping away from me. My awesome friends Abby and Travis FINALLY tied the knot about a week ago. Behold, Trabby! Or Abbis!I say "finally", because I can. I have been a witness of this roller coaster ride of love since the VERY START. Abby met Travis when she and I were living as roommates in Salt Lake City, UT. It was out first spring/summer there, in 2007. Well, pretty soon after the summer, they both ended up out in NYC. Funny how I followed about one year later. When I wasn't physically around to witness their romance, with the highs and lows that come with every relationship, I was virtually around via a little thing called email and gchat. Abby and I both had desk jobs that required mindless work, therefore, we were able to spend a good part of our days, for a good length of time, chatting about our woes and wants and likes and dislikes. I looked forward to going to work, because I knew I'd most likely have an email waiting for me from Abby (since NY is two hours ahead of Utah, she got into work before I did and often had stories to tell me--not always related to Travis, mind you). I think it's safe to say, and that she'd agree with me, that in those days of long distance friendship, our friendship grew profoundly. I never guessed that when my off and on/multi-state dwelling roommate (we lived together in Vegas, then Salt Lake City) and dear, dear friend moved across the country, we'd actually grow closer. I've been fighting technology a lot lately, not really enjoying the fact that it's taken away from the more traditional face-to-face time that I so enjoy with people, but I guess I'm forgetting what it did for this friendship. Maybe I need to remember it more often and stop trying to fight and isolate myself from it, but rather, make it work to my advantage.

But back the wedding! It was beautiful and so much fun. I'm so glad they decided to get married here in NYC. I already had to miss several dear friends' weddings this year. I'm so happy I didn't have to miss another! I failed to bring my camera, idiotically, so I stole these from my old roomie (thanks, Alina!;)I love it when a love story has a happy ending, with all the other stuff before it and in between. One main thought ran through my mind that day, and Abby, you know I love you when I say this...There's hope!:)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Let the Sun Shine In

Have I mentioned my room with a view?

Well, it comes with lots of sunlight, too (naturally). And a grown-up bed!

See that shadow on the wall?! Love it. And I love that I can actually spread this long, lanky body of mine out and sleep comfortably. Even though I slept just fine on the twin loft bed in my last apartment (because I sleep like a log once I'm out), I feel I sleep even better when my body is not cramped into a small space.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hello, Wendy!

It's so good to see a familiar face once and awhile. I can't remember the last time I ate at Wendy's.
And I did some damage, as you can see. Gotta love that chocolate frosty! Three cheers for fast food (on occasion)! I went on a hospital visit at my internship today (got to see a newborn babe, again, and all I can say is to.die.for adorable!) and lunch was right across the street. I know I've mentioned this before, but I am fond of chain stores and restaurants. I told my supervisor that today and she looked at me like I am crazy. Ha. What can I say?? I find comfort in the familiar and I know what to expect and what I like at such places. I also like riding in a car. I rode in the back of a brand new Mazda something-or-other and I got excited at the thought of one day owning a car again. I'm sure I'll change my tune once that day actually comes and all my money goes into a thing that depreciates in value the longer I own it. Oh well. At least I'll get to sing to my heart's desire and come and go as I please when I have a car. There's pros and cons to both private and public transportation, indeed.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

This I Will Miss

Dinner, for just a mere $3.25:
at in a hole-in-the-wall pizza place. I was starving. Hunger, fed. Oh, and with a bunch of Italians in the corner:

Also, noticing a movie casting call for one of my favorite books posted in said hole-in-the-wall-pizza place:

There's no place like New York City!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Cannot Tell a Lie

I can't really say much of anything right now. This cold sickness has turned into me having no voice! I woke up Saturday morning to barely being audible--a perfect excuse to stay in bed all day, quite literally. I did not change from my pajamas, nor did I shower or do anything but lie in bed and sleep and take medicine and eat delicious soup my roommates provided. But to no avail, I remain in the same state today as I was yesterday; barely a voice, wanting to cough but not being able to, not feeling so great, and really annoyed at being sick, still.

Despite my condition, I attended church and tonight I went to a group dinner with some people from church. It was interesting trying to be a part of conversation throughout the day. I found myself wanting to say a whole lot more than I actually could, and being forced to keep quiet was frustrating, but telling. Maybe we sometimes like the sound of our own voices too much. Or maybe we're not afraid to give an opinion that we shouldn't. I did more talking, still, than I probably should have tonight, considering my lack of functioning vocal chords, but I thought, maybe I should sometimes do more listening and observing.
I think I found my costume idea for next Halloween.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How to Get Sick, But Also Show Gratitude (not for the sickness, though)

This just does not happen. I'm coming down with a cold, AGAIN! I was sick just a month ago, and it lasted for two weeks! I RARELY get sick, at least, I used to rarely get sick. But now I'm on a roll. It's really no mystery, though, as to why this is happening. There is a rhyme and reason to it, indeed. The recipe for disaster is as follows:

1. Not enough sleep

(Though I average nearly 7 hours a night, it is not enough for this aging body.)

2. Not enough food

(Going grocery shopping was an okay activity for me when I had a car. Now? It's just a nuisance. Also, I don't want to cook and I don't want to eat frozen pizzas or other frozen things for dinner. And I don't want to spend the money to eat out, plus, doing it alone all the time is no fun. DON'T WORRY (mom), I DO EAT. I just don't prepare well enough in advance. I find it more of a hassle than an enjoyment. I think I may have come up with a new eating disorder.)

3. Stress

(While the second year of grad school seems less stressful, it's still there. I live for the day when I do not have articles I'm required to read that I actually never get to because I don't have time. Or papers to write for a grade. May 18th cannot get here too quickly. But then comes stress of a job. I know, it never ends.)

These three factors are what always lead to me getting sick. Now, you think since I know this I would be more mindful. Hmm. Ya think? Maybe since I've put it in, that hasn't worked before. I was supposed to start posting something positive that I like about NYC every Sunday. Well, I obviously haven't been doing that, however, I have been keeping a "Gratitude Journal". It's actually something my health counselor suggested, which was awfully "Mormon" of her to do. I wanted to ask her if she had watched General Conference and I just didn't know it.

Here's a sneak-peek at a few days. I've been writing three things each day:

October 18 (in no particular order)
1. A room with a view
2. Lifelong friends
3. Physical ability

October 24
1. Self-realizations in church
2. People trusting me
3. Time alone

October 25
1. Holding a newborn baby!
2. Kind people
3. Adorable dogs

October 31
1. Church friends
2. Close friends
3. BFFs

I'm one step closer to maybe, actually writing regularly in a journal again some day. I used to be really good at that.