Monday, June 28, 2010

Adolescent Summer

I'm pretty sure I'm having the best summer of my life.

I've coined it my "adolescent summer" for a reason, and I couldn't have picked a better title. I'm babysitting kids for employment, hanging out mid-day with friends with no obligations in sight, having sleepovers, going to outdoor movies, taking small road trips, eating pizza three times a week, etc. And then last weekend I attended a Sadie Hawkins themed party! I was so excited about it when my friend announced she was having such a party. I never went to Sadies when I was in high school, so I was glad to make up for it. Part of the deal with Sadie Hawkins is that the girls have to ask the guys to go. I made a new friend a few weeks ago and decided to ask him to be my date. He accepted and we had fun coming up with an idea of what to wear. That's the second part to the theme--we had to come to the party in matching outfits of some sort. Last week he and I walked through Chinatown and Little Italy to get inspiration, with all the t-shirt shops that exist in those areas. Sure enough, it worked! We saw a Marilyn Monroe shirt that was pretty awesome, and my date goes, "That would be cool if you wore Marilyn and I wore JFK". Done and done! We decided to shop online for such shirts, and I found some pretty sweet ones for both of us. We ordered them the next day and hoped they'd show on time. Mine came within two days! It was super fast. His, unfortunately, never showed. But a few days before, my roommate had suggested trying iron-on paper for fabric, in case the shirt didn't show up in time. I went ahead and bought some paper at Michael's and tested it out. Well, my tester became the shirt we used that night, and it turned out great! The shirts looked great together! We looked great together! ha. The scandalous duo was a hit. On the way to the party, Jackson (my date) got a compliment on his shirt before we even got out of his building. And when we were coming up from the subway, this other guy passing by us said he loved our shirts. And people at the party also loved the combination. Jackson and I thought, if there were a contest for best outfits, we would surely win. :) Everyone danced all night and it got so hot and sweaty in the apartment, but it was so much fun. The dj (my awesome friend Jendar) even played a slow song or two, making it a genuine adolescent dance experience.

I'd say this night climbs the charts for making my summer truly a teenage experience.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Me and Michael Jackson

On the bus ride home from Boston a week ago, I was kept company the last two hours by two young boys sitting next to me. The first topic of conversation? Michael Jackson, of course! I knew these kids were cool when the younger of the two started singing "Smooth Criminal". They told me they could dance like MJ, too. I asked them if they'd ever seen his music videos. I then proceeded to YouTube videos on my phone of the awesome performer for their viewing pleasure. They mostly just wanted to see Michael moonwalk. Ha.

Then two nights ago, I had this vivid dream that I was hanging out with the ghost or spirit of Michael. It was so real, just us talking about his life and death. It was like we were old friends. Ha again. As cheesy as it sounds, for a fan like me, it was awesome! I know, I'm a dork.

Well, today on my way to the subway, I was handed a morning paper and this is what was on the cover:

Turns out today marks one year since his death. Crazy. I think I'll listen to his jams as much as possible today in tribute. Long live MJ!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Great Companion, Gone

I don't remember when exactly it occurred, but maybe about 5 years ago my grandpa remarried after my grandma died. I remember him struggling with the decision. He did not want to feel like he was replacing or forgetting my sweet grandma. He was so devoted. But after much thought, consideration, and prayer he decided to marry Dorothy. She had also lost her spouse and both were a good fit for companionship. Well, Dorothy passed away this morning. This news came to me sort of suddenly, so I'm still digesting it all. I made sure to
visit them earlier this month when I was home, and I'm so grateful I did. Dorothy brought a different personality and background to the family. I always got a kick out of talking with her. She was a psych nurse for 20 years or something like that. I always felt like she and I could relate regarding further education.

What's crazy is my grandpa has been worried that if he should go before she did, who would care for her? They also had recently got a new dog named Rudy to replace the last one that passed. Well, Rudy ran into the street the other day, got hit by a car and died. It's like the stars are aligning so my grandpa has no worries to leave behind. He's my last living grandparent and I don't want to see him go. But I know his time is coming soon, and what's waiting for him on the other side is to be desired. I'm so fortunate and grateful that all my grandparents were always such a part of my life.

I dedicate this post to Dorothy and Rudy:

Both of whom were wonderful companions to my grandpa, especially the former. You will be missed, Dorothy.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Don't Quit Your Day Job!

Oh wait, I don't have a day job. Well, not in the technical sense, like a 9 to 5-er. But I do take care of children a lot lately, and that's during the day. But today is an overnighter. I was asked last minute to come tend to four children overnight till the next night, and for a decent amount of cash money. This isn't a bad gig, considering the family lives in the nicest, biggest apartment in Manhattan I've been in so far. It's a mansion compared to my shoebox apartment! Their living room/kitchen area alone is more square footage than my two bedroom/one bath apartment. It actually feels like a "home" here. I'm sure the four kids with their toys, video games and snacks have something to do with that, too. I fed them dinner and got each one to bed in chronological order, starting with the two youngest first, then the next oldest, and the very oldest got to stay up latest. As I put the clean sheets on the bed I'll be sleeping on and cleaned up the kitchen and living room, I had this, "so this is what it's like" moment. And I must admit, I liked it. But since this is only pretend, I'm sure I'll change my tune when I actually AM a mother (though probably not of four) and am caring for never-ending needful creatures called children. So, tomorrow night I'll return to my childless cube of an apartment and savor solo time while I have it. I'm just glad this babysitting stuff is workin' out for me this summer. I've missed being around children.

And since I'm a fan of photos and side notes in posts:

I walked by this yesterday. The World Trade Center being rebuilt. I've been spending a lot of time in that area lately, walking through the narrow, grid system streets, and I can't help but think of 9/11. That whole area, covered in...well, lots of stuff. Kinda morbid, I know. It gives me a reality check, of sorts, and that's not a bad thing.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A True Pisces

I love living by water, I've realized. It's theraputic. I could sit and stare for hours.

No wonder I loved going to the Southern California beaches growing up. My first move away from home was to California, and I lived 40 minutes from the nearest beach (which was too far. If I couldve had my way, it would've been a beachfront condo. Ha). I'm from a desert, so I think I naturally gravitate toward the water. It's refreshing, not to mention, beautiful.

I don't know, Vegas peeps...I may have to settle in a place near some type of body of water (and Lake Mead doesn't count). The only downside to living by water is poofy hair. My hair is big anyway, but place me in a humid climate and it gets bigger and fluffier. Big isn't so bad, but the fluffy bothers me. However, my hair is a great trait of mine. I don't mean to sound boastful, but when muliple people at numerous times throughout my life spot me in a crowd of people or walking down the street (which happened just two nights ago), and tell me, "Hey! I thought that was you. I recognized your hair", it tends to become a defining trait. And I like that.

On a side note: I also love tunnels!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Boston was a success! What a great city; it's clean, fairly inexpensive, and not crowded. A sweet relief from New York. I enjoyed the red brick sidewalks with moss growing inbetween, Harvard campus,

the Puritan cemeteries, the overly friendly vs. the overly rude people, free art, and history. And all the while I was in great company. This is a satisfied face, indeed:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I've been going non-stop since I got back from Vegas, hence, the lack of updates. Today was my very first day in Boston, MA! And, boy, was it a good one!! I'm pretty beat, so here's a visual of what I've seen, so far:

Lots of cemeteries! I saw the graves of John Hancock, John Winthrop, and Samuel Adams. And most of the headstones have these skulls with wings or crossbones at the top, which the Puritans did to remind others of their impending death!

Where everybody knows my name!! And they're always glad I came!

Lots of walking on cobblestone sidewalks. Here, we are following the Freedom Trail (or what i liked to call the "Red Brick Road"). Actually, we did that all day, which ended here:

Contemplating life atop Bunker Hill. Battles were fought, won, and ultmately lost here. But we'll prevail!

Its been neat to see all this history. I'm excited for what tomorrow holds!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Up, Up, and Away!

I really should have applied for a frequent flyers card many moons ago. I feel like I fly so often, but maybe a few times a year isn't often enough. I love traveling, and last night, I got to see this:

As I sat and stared at the plane's wing and sunset beyond I thought to myself how strange and fascinating that the world is turning while I sit above it. And what a miracle it is, this machine I was sitting in, traveling thousands of miles above ground, at a ridiculous speed. And planes are old news! Yet, I'm stunned by it every time I fly.

Being home the last five days was so great. I'm so happy I got to see friends and family, both in Salt Lake City and Las Vegas. I am truly blessed. It dawned on me, too, how loved and appreciated I am. And because I'm away, I feel that much more adored. I have hope to move back home after I'm through here in New York, but then I wonder if I'll just be another face in the crowd, and no one will care that I'm around! This has me worried.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Healthy Living

I took initiative and went running this morning in Central Park, around the Jackie O Resavoir. It's a beautiful site to see, this body of water surrounded by trees, then lined with tall, old structures. This time I went with music, and oh my gooness! What a difference it makes listening to some jams while running! Music helped me run for longer and push myself. I think I may really start to enjoy this running business.

Now I sit at the airport and this was my lunch before flying out West for the weekend and thensome...

Dare I say I'm on the verge of a health kick?! Nah! Probably not.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


So I've given it some thought--bringing my guitar out to NY is not the smartest idea, since I live in a shoebox and recently added a bike to my limited space. Perhaps my roomie will let me borrow hers on occassion. Instead, I'll call this my Heart/Body Goal-choosing at least one of the following multiple times a week: running, yoga, or workout video...'cause, ya know, exercise is good for the heart. That goal will start as soon as I get back from my trip home, though I have dabbled lately in the first two. It's double-time when I get back next week. Perhaps for my creative goal I'll enlist my roomie to teach me how to sew. I'd say it's time.

On a different note, this is what every Thursday around lunchtime looks like for me:

There's Always Tomorrow

Actually, tomorrow is today, and I'm afraid it's going to be a long day. I start the day off babysitting at 7am--that fact alone makes for a long day. I finish at 4pm and have a nice break before it's back to babysitting again at 9pm. If I don't get a nap in when the kids do in the afternoon, you better believe I'll be taking one inbetween babysitting gigs.

I've been hanging out with new friends lately and am enjoying it. I feel like it's a step toward making New York a "home", even if it turns out to be a temporay one. I had a strange first six months in NYC, not really feeling the desire to make much of an effort. I'm glad I feel differently now.

And speaking of tomorrows, I've decided on a few goals for myself for summer:

Heart Goal: Re-learn and rock the guitar.

Mind Goal: Re-learn Spanish and surpass my former ability to communicate.

Soul Goal: Work in and attend the temple weekly.

After pondering on what I could do to be productive this summer, and deciding on what I would like to do to fill my free time, the categories of creative (heart), mental (mind), and spiritual (soul) seemed to stand out. I started on the last goal first, and am doing very well. To help me accomplish the first two, I'll be bringing a few tools back with me from my trip home this weekend. I'm looking forward to it. And the reading goal is not forgotten. I started my second book, "Eat, Pray, Love". Another book on my roomate's shelf. I really like it so far and can relate to the author in some things, on a smaller scale.