Friday, May 27, 2011

That's It

I can't complain about my last few days in New York. I took it easy and mostly just ate out with friends and relaxed. I snapped a few random last shots as I said goodbye:

I just became the owner of a new weekender bag with a giraffe print like this woman's purse. Oh, and that was my last subway ride.

Last view of my school.

I have the answer to this question.

NYPD, hard at work.

Random, weird band, also hard at work.

Sweet little Ava (aka: Spider(wo)man).

Last meal at Cafe Lalo (famous from "You've Got Mail").

Last glimpse of CP, in the cab on the way to the airport.

It's been a good ride, New York. Until we meet again!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

One More Late Night

I went to see a live taping of "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" yesterday.

While I was there I realized it was one year ago this month the last time I went to that show when Meleah and Chance were visiting. I should make it a yearly tradition, because, after all, the month of May is one of the best times to come here, and I love being a visitor in New York City, I've decided.

I'm in pure bliss when I act as if I'm a tourist and not a resident. But that has not been my reality, hence, my "relatively neutral" feelings about NYC. Abby shared with me the existence of a book titled, "I Feel Relatively Neutral About New York" and here's the awesome cover:
She said it reminded her of me. Ha. I just may have to buy it. But again, my neutrality only applies, I think, to when I live here. I'll be back to visit and will love it again like I once did. I choose to come to school out here, after all! There was a reason behind that choice.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Eat, Shop, Shop, Eat

Last week was so much fun! I got to spend a few days with both my parents, and we went to a few food markets, because I knew my dad would enjoy them. My mom and I enjoyed them, too, but lets face it--I wanted to make sure he enjoyed himself somewhat the little time he was here. And knowing he would not care to do anything touristy or "New York", food markets it was. Then after my dad left it was just me and my mom for three days! We basically planned out our days according to where we were going to eat that day. We had a list and made sure we crossed them all off! We stopped in between to do a little shopping and sight-seeing, too. But yeah, mostly it was a food tour of NYC.
Wall-to-wall green in Central Park!
This spot was so beautiful. I had never been to this part of the park before. Glad I got to discover it before leaving.
The good ol' Jackie O. reservoir. One of my favorite views in all the city.
My last slice of New York pizza!!!! We did much, much more than these few photos show and had so much fun! I was reminded that I love being a tourist in the city and not a resident. Boy, I'm going to love coming back here to visit!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Graduation Day

These days I'm too preoccupied with the fact that I am soon leaving this city, so I haven't been on the computer much at all. But here are some photos from graduation!!Me and my classmate Germika (aka Superwoman!). I met her in the very beginning of the program at orientation. Same story with Jae, too. They are two of the few friends I made in school, yet, we never had classes together.

The rain stayed back while at Yankee Stadium. And Bill Clinton did a fine job on his speech (even my dad said so!).
My parents and I went straight from Yankee to my social work school ceremony at Avery Fisher Hall. It was just in time, too, because the rain started to fall.My mom has a few better pictures of this day, but I don't have access to them. It was a long, but great day and I'm so happy my parents were there to share it with me!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mom in NYC

My mom and Me at the end of our last day together in the city:

We've had a wonderful time these last few days, post graduation day. Once she is gone, and I have no one to hang out with anymore, I'll post more about what we've done.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rain, Rain, Go Away

This is what the forecast shows for the week:

Insane. What are the odds that the one week my parents are here for my graduation it's supposed to rain EVERY SINGLE DAY. But so far, it hasn't been as bad as it sounds. Just an overcast, drizzle-type day. Let's hope tomorrow is the same. It's the big day!!! Now, it'd be nice if my professors would just post my grades already! Sheesh.

Monday, May 16, 2011


I got a sneak peek last week where my graduation is going to take place. Yankee Stadium!!!

I got so excited walking up and seeing the field. It was a church activity and was a lot of fun just to hang out.

Below is me and my roommate:

We sat in the bleachers and for the cheap seats, they weren't half bad. I splurged and got an ice cream that came in a cool souvenir cup!

It was freezing outside, but a really cute, nice guy let me wear his jacket. He also shared sunflower seeds and peanuts with me. I'm starting to care again about guys and dating. I really haven't since I've been in school. I'm waiting till I get home to do that, though. We shall see.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's Real

Ticket in hand:

It's official...I'm in! You can't get THIS far, right, without having passed?! I've already checked for final grades twice, but they're not posted, yet. I wasn't worried about passing class, really...but just the reality of it all hasn't sunk in just yet, that I am done, never to return to academia again. It was a surreal moment, sitting in my last class, trying to soak it in and appreciate it. I actually finished grad school in the same exact classroom where I began, two years ago. I'm probably the only one in the world that would notice such a thing, or even care about it. But I thought it was pretty cool. It shows you how sentimental and observant I am.

Yesterday I got my hair cut at a salon that specializes in curly hair, and my hair feels great! It pretty much looks the same, cause it always does. Afterward, I picked up my graduation cap and gown rental for the big day, one week from today. Here's a sneak peek!

Now I just need everyone I know to pray for good weather for next week. It says it's supposed to rain every day! Oh boy.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Catchin' Up

Withing the last week or two I've been able to see and spend time with good ol' friends that have made their way to NYC for various reasons. First, Emily! She just graduated, too! We met up several times and ate and shopped and it was fun!
Following her visit, I got to see one of my friends, Alliy, who was a mission companion of mine. She stayed with me, which allowed for us to really catch up. Below we're at her booth at the trade show she was here for.
This was Friday, or better known as "the day of freedom," and I celebrated well, as you can see below. One of only a small handful of 7-Elevens in the New York City area, and I'm glad I came across it that day. Hits the spot! On Saturday I took a spontaneous trip down to Coney Island with another friend I needed to catch up with (though I failed to get her picture). I doubt I would've made my way there before I move away, so I'm glad I went. The pictures speak for themselves:
And the weekend ended (or the week began) with a lovely birthday party gathering in Sheep's Meadow in Central Park.I took my time getting out of there on the way home, and it was so peaceful.I saw ducks and turtles and flowers and lakes and bridges...I even saw a Red Cardinal! It was wonderful.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mother

Where to begin...My mother is my best friend. She is my support, my constant. She is patient with me when I call her and do nothing but complain. She never gets angry at me when I cut her off in conversation so that I can speak what's on my mind, rather than listen to what's on hers. My mother is so giving, she is willing, and always has been, to send me anything and everything I've needed while living far away and on my own, from California to Costa Rica, from Utah to New York, at whatever cost. She is realistic, not idealistic, in her thinking when I come to her with a concern or problem, which I appreciate. She is honest and gives all her time to her children and their children (just ask my dad). She spends lots of time with him, too, and demonstrates patience, even when he can be cranky and frustrating. She taught me to always say my prayers by kneeling beside me throughout my childhood, every night.I am grateful every single day, and every hour, for being blessed with a wonderful, kind, and loving mother. When I hear others complain about their mothers or say they aren't that close with theirs, or that they don't talk to theirs that often, I cannot relate. I don't understand.

My mother is the greatest blessing in my life.I love you, mama.Happy Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Let Freedom Ring!!!!

The day is here. I'm almost speechless. It came in a flash and some big changes are ahead, but I'm ready. I finished my last paper early, officially (and literally) kissed it goodbye:

Then I took advantage of the nearly perfect day (a bit windy for complete perfection) and strolled through Central Park for the first time this Spring.

It is so lovely! I will miss this park the most.

What a great way to end the semester!! It feels fantastic to be at the end. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears...but it was worth it!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One Day More!

The Les Miserables song just popped into my head, so I just looked up the lyrics. The last stanza goes:

Tomorrow we'll discover
What our God in Heaven has in store
One more dawn
One more day
One day more!!

Actually, here's the song clip. It does it better justice to listen to it.

Yessss! It's true!! Tomorrow is the day! My LAST day of school!!!! I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!

Also, this:

"There is a life about to start when tomorrow comes!"

I love this musical. I grew up listening to and became addicted for while in my adolescence. I wish it was still on Broadway here. I would've seen it multiple times by now.

Yes, tomorrow is a going to be a beautiful day!!!!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

There's No Place Like (Almost) Home

This past weekend was fantastic. I played hard, even though I could've (and maybe should've) been working on finals. But no, the work will get done, and I have no regrets for playing instead. Friday I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens with the Todds, my second family:Adorable! The weather was absolutely perfection and the blossoms were a-bloomin'!It was so fun. Again, glad I went instead of writing papers. Duh.

The next day I went on a road-trip via a luxury bus with a group of friends for Jendar's birthday. The destination?? The one and only Atlantic City! I knew I'd feel right at home with the casinos and hotels. It was strange, though, to walk out of those casinos and see the ocean. It was like Coney Island meets Las Vegas. We rode the ferris wheel and were the only five people on the entire thing. I don't know if that's awesome or sad. Probably sad.
This is the view from the top!
I ate a fried Snickers bar, bought salt water taffy, and rode in a "rolling cart"!Delicious!It's like a pedicab, but instead of pulling us along on a bike, the guy walked behind us and pushed! It felt a little strange, but was fun! The whole trip was fairly inexpensive and it was cool to see another part of the east coast. I hope to make a couple more little trips like this before I head west.