Monday, May 23, 2011

Graduation Day

These days I'm too preoccupied with the fact that I am soon leaving this city, so I haven't been on the computer much at all. But here are some photos from graduation!!Me and my classmate Germika (aka Superwoman!). I met her in the very beginning of the program at orientation. Same story with Jae, too. They are two of the few friends I made in school, yet, we never had classes together.

The rain stayed back while at Yankee Stadium. And Bill Clinton did a fine job on his speech (even my dad said so!).
My parents and I went straight from Yankee to my social work school ceremony at Avery Fisher Hall. It was just in time, too, because the rain started to fall.My mom has a few better pictures of this day, but I don't have access to them. It was a long, but great day and I'm so happy my parents were there to share it with me!!

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