Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Eat, Shop, Shop, Eat

Last week was so much fun! I got to spend a few days with both my parents, and we went to a few food markets, because I knew my dad would enjoy them. My mom and I enjoyed them, too, but lets face it--I wanted to make sure he enjoyed himself somewhat the little time he was here. And knowing he would not care to do anything touristy or "New York", food markets it was. Then after my dad left it was just me and my mom for three days! We basically planned out our days according to where we were going to eat that day. We had a list and made sure we crossed them all off! We stopped in between to do a little shopping and sight-seeing, too. But yeah, mostly it was a food tour of NYC.
Wall-to-wall green in Central Park!
This spot was so beautiful. I had never been to this part of the park before. Glad I got to discover it before leaving.
The good ol' Jackie O. reservoir. One of my favorite views in all the city.
My last slice of New York pizza!!!! We did much, much more than these few photos show and had so much fun! I was reminded that I love being a tourist in the city and not a resident. Boy, I'm going to love coming back here to visit!

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