Friday, July 1, 2011


I'm back!!!

I took the month of June off from posting because, frankly, June was extremely uneventful. I did move back to Las Vegas after being gone for five years, which is pretty huge. This is the photo I had to capture after getting off the plane:

Home, sweet home. But besides that, I got nothin' to share about June.


I'm so wrong! I met all of my babies!!! Well, both of my beautiful baby boy nephews and Meleah's sweet baby girl. I have plenty of photos of them, but I'll just share a few:

Behold! Forrest and Lucas!!

And, sweet baby girl Genevieve

I love them all so much!!! It's so much fun being around all these babies, but it's also sure making me want one. I need to get on that...eventually.

I'm currently in LA with my parents. We saw Les Miserables last night. It was so good! We all love the story and characters and music. Beautiful. My parents head back today, but I get to stay the holiday weekend! I'm so excited. I'm staying with my friend Kristen in Orange County and we're gonna go to parties and the beach and have girl talk! Yay!

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